Movies and The Nights

I believe that it is more difficult to discern if a film adaptation of The Arabian Nights is “good” or “bad”, especially compared to literature. In Dramatic Literature, when analyzing a script we always ask what we call “the Passover Question”. Traditionally on Passover, a child asks “why is this night different from all over other nights?”. In turn, when approaching a script, we must ask, “why this play now?” and why is this play important for this moment?”. I found this much easier to achieve when reading literary adaptations of the Nights. In trying to understand the significance of that piece, I could refer to the historical time-period of the novel or the past of the author. However, for the movies, I cannot answer the Passover Question. It seems that major motion picture studios created many of these films simply for the entertainment value. In that sense, I struggle to gain a comprehension of whether an adaptation is good. Can I consider a movie adaptation of the Nights to be successful if it simply entertains me?


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